Houses for groups and tours

We offer houses for groups and group tours in Tuscany

Una Settimana in Toscana
cultura ambiente e gastronomia

     Dear Friends of Tuscany,

Terre Toscane, our Tourist Agency in Montepulciano in Southern Tuscany, offers houses and apartments for holiday rental to individual tourists.

Recently, more and more clients have repeatedly asked us to find accomodations for groups and to organize special-interest tours for them. So we would like to satisfy this growing demand with a publication entitled "Una Settimana in Toscana". The catalogue is for private group organizers, as well as professional travel agents, whom we can assist in various ways in planning and performing tours in Tuscany.

Farmhouses for groups
You will find farmhouses suitable for groups of varying size. They all have the typical Tuscan-country style but offer the modern comforts required today. The accomodations are suitable both for a group's thoughtful and creative activity and as a point of departure for the exploration of the important cultural and artistic sites of this region, so rich in history. We have taken care to describe each rental in detail, as clearly as possible.

Group tours
Our proposals are for special-interest tours. You will notice that our excursions are clearly different from the usual organized bus tours. Our aim is for our clients to explore in depth and with ease the cultural and artistic characteristics of this region, its landscapes and, last but not least, the gastronomic joys of this extraordinary part of central Italy. We would like for you to discover places of interest off the beaten tourist track.

Each proposal has a central theme but is not limited to it. History, culture and nature are interconnected, so each aspect can be experienced and enjoyed only from a broader point of view.

mapgr.jpg (240977 byte) We submit these tours simply as proposals, to be adapted according to your individual requests.

We hope our ideas have stirred your interest, and we are ready to plan a special-interest tour with you at any time.

the Terre Toscane Team